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About two years ago I decided to try homebrewing after watching a show on the History channel. My first batch was an extract kit. Now most batches are partial mash or all grain. I'll get into this more later. I'll also add some of my favorite recipes.

All Recipes are for a 5 gallon batch. I typically add 1 Tbs Gypsum in the beginning and 2 Tbs Irish moss at the end. (not included in ingredient list)
I'm leaving out most instructions and techniques with the assumption the reader knows how to steep, sparge, mash, lager, etc.

Apricot Ale
3#     Light DME
3#     Rice  DME
1/2oz  Hallertau - bittering
1oz  Hallertau - aroma
4oz  Apricot flavoring
1 pk dry yeast
60 min boil
add 1oz hops at beginning
add 1oz hops 50 min into boil
add Apricot flavoring to 2nd ferm.
Highly carbonate the brew - best when like champagne.
Smoked Porter
4#    Smoked malt (Weyermann)
1/4# Chocolate malt
1/2# Black patent malt
5#    Amber DME
1oz Kent Golding - bittering (beginning of 90 min boil )
1/2oz Willamette - flavoring (45 min)
1/2oz Kent Golding - aroma (10min)
WLP001 - yeast
OG 1.072 FG 1.018
Chocolate Cherry Stout
1#   90L
1/2# Black Patent
1/2# Roasted Barley (45 min @ 400 degrees - flaked barley)
3.3# Dark LME- John bull
4#   Dark DME
6oz Coco - added at flame out
2#   Fresh sweet cherries - added at flame out
3#   frozen sour cherries - added at flame out
1oz  Perle - beginning of boil
1oz Willamette 45 min into boil
WLP001 Yeast
This has to be the tastiest beer I've ever had - Highly recommended
On Tap: Imperial Russian Stout (taxman), Irish Red, Barleywine(Utopia clone), Spiced porter
Bottled: Irish Red, Lambic, Peach Lambic, Dead Guy clone
2nd Ferm: Smoked Porter
Brewing soon: 2 Hearted Ale, Hopslam, Apricot ale,
Yeast culture: from Hopslam

Java Stout
3#    Lager malt
3#    2 row Pale malt
1#    Munich
1/2# Chocolate malt
1/2# Roasted barley - non malted
1/2# 90L
1/2# Carapils
2oz Lactose - added just before flame out
12oz Espresso - brewed with 20 cups water - added just before flame out
1oz Tettnang - beginning of 90 min boil
1oz northern - 15 min before end
WLP810 - yeast
OG 1.046 FG 1.018
Golden Draak
9.9# Muntons extra light LME
3#   Belgian pale malt
1#   Wheat malt
14oz 60L
1/4# Belgian Aromatic malt
3oz Belgian Caramunich malt
2oz Belgian Biscuit
1/2# Belgian clear candi sugar
12oz honey
1oz  Northern - beginning of 90 boil
1/4oz Styria golding - 15 min before flame out
OG1.098 FG 1.005
This is not a beer for wimps - it will catch up to you fast!
2 Hearted Ale - coming soon
And more!