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Monday, 11 February 2008
Stimulus plan hoax
Topic: Political

I've been getting excited about Bush's stimulus plan and the checks that most everyone will be receiving in May. I was thinking that I sure could use this money to buy this or that. Also, I thought that business should pick up at work around May because others will have that extra money to spend.

Last night I realized it was a hoax! It is nothing more then a bail-out plan for credit companies. Think about it. I, like most people, have debts. Most of us are getting behind because of the economy and preditory loans. Who's going to spend this extra money on anything but a debt? The local businesses like grocery stores, gas stations, video rentals, hobby shops, etc won't see any, if not, a very little of it. Most of all that money will end up in the bank accounts of major credit and loan companies.

Sure this will help the average Joe with his bills, but it won't help the economy to pick up by much at all. It just prolongs or prevents the multi-billion dollar loan companies from going bankrupt. Of coarse Bush's administration couldn't just give this money directly to the credit and loan companies or we would be up in arms about it. So they came up with this hoax, and so far its working. Wake up America! Bush has tricked us again.

A better plan would be to stop the laon and credit companies from charging the loans shark rates that would have found most Mafia members thrown in prison several decades ago.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Posted by model.rockets at 12:45 PM EST

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