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Another group that you probably have heard, but don't realize it, is Flo & Eddie. Flo & Eddie were originally called the Turtles. Unlike the somewhat wholesome nature of the Turtles' lyrics and stage antics, Flo & Eddie are anything but. A truly X-rated show!  
After the Turtles broke up Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan joined with Frank Zappa to form the Mothers of Invention. Later on they performed as just Flo & Eddie. Surprisingly enough with thier X-rated concerts, they made most of thier income from writing commercials and childrens songs.
Always check ahead before bringing your kids to one of thier shows. Odds are they will be performing as the Turtles, but watch out if they do some of thier older routines as Flo & Eddie.
Due to the lyrics and stage antics, I wasn't able to find any of thier best work on youtube. I'll keep looking around though.

What Kind of Girl do you Think we are? Performed with Frank Zappa